Google Meet’s New Data Saver For Android And iPhone Is The Closest We May Get To Google Meet Lite


Google has been quite busy with updates for video conferencing and video meeting app, Google Meet. Alongside significant updates for Google Meet on desktop which includes a new interface and automatic lighting adjustments, there are more updates for the Android and iPhone apps as well. The focus of the app updates is to add the new data saver option to reduce power and data consumption when using Google Meet on your phone. The update is now rolling out on the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for the Apple iPhone. Once you have the update installed on your phone, you’ll be able to toggle on the new “Limit Data Usage” option to reduce the resources the app needs. With millions still working from home, video meeting apps including Meet, Zoom and Microsoft teams continue to battle for your attention.

It is interesting that Google points to India as one of the countries with high data costs, which isn’t entirely true considering India has one of the most inexpensive data rates in the world, if not the cheapest. “To support video calls when you’re on the go, we’re launching Data Saver this month. This feature limits data usage on mobile networks to allow you and the person you’re calling to save on data costs, which is especially important in countries where data costs can be high, like India, Indonesia and Brazil,” says Dave Citron, Director of Product Management, Google Duo & Google Meet, in an official post. Google Meet’s all-round updates come at a time when Microsoft has rolled out new functionality for Teams and the Zoom app has also added new features and options. The new data saver option should make Google Meet easier to use on lower-end Android phones in particular.

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