Five Ways to Adopt Sustainable Fashion


United Nations has designated June 5 as World Environment Day to create environmental awareness. Like last year, we celebrate this day enclosed in our homes, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and followed lockdown. We must use this time and observe our consumption habits and what impact does it cast on the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opener and an alarm at the same time to timely adapt eco-friendly lifestyle for sustainable development. Talking about lifestyle, fashion is an integral part of it. Recently, fashion enthusiastic are embracing mindful approach in the lockdown and opting for traditional techniques and materials.

On World Environment Day 2021, here are the best practices to adopt sustainable fashion:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Around 90% of the garments are eligible to get recycled. To take a step towards sustainable development, we must practice the three Rs judiciously. We must work to reduce the waste materials that go into landfills. Clothes must be reused again and again till they turn old. Even old clothes can be used for other purposes like cleaning clothes. The garments can also be recycled, which will draw out raw materials. These raw materials can be used to create new fabrics.

Local products

To reduce the carbon footprint, one must opt for local products. It also creates employment for small vendors. Not all big brands are climate-friendly, and pollution is created on a greater scale to manufacture clothing.

Stop buying too much

Buying a large number of clothes, wearing them a few times, and throwing them away does not serve the purpose of sustainable development.

Avoid synthetic

Avoiding synthetic to all possible extent is one of the best ways to practice sustainable fashion.

Make the right choice

We must excise the power of being a consumer wisely and cautiously. The focus should be on buying clothes made of organic fabrics and natural dyes. Some brands have introduced ‘Ayurganic’ handcrafted collection which is completely based on ayurvedic principles. It is also suggested to purchase clothes made of “green” fibers like salmon leather or rice husks.

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