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William Neeson, more commonly known as Liam Neeson, is a Northern Irish-American actor, has played several memorable characters. He is one of the biggest names when it comes to the action genre of Hollywood. Having done movies like Taken, Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace, Schindler’s List, Batman Begins, and many more, there are less than a few who do not know his incredible work as an actor. So here are the top action movies starring Liam Neeson:

Taken (2008)

Taken is the definitive Neeson action movie and it is undoubtedly what fuelled his later success in the industry. While Neeson had dabbled with the genre previously, his performance as the resolute and indomitable father was such a smash hit that it became the default template for his subsequent string of action movies. The fight scenes and gunfights are realistic and nasty, but the protagonist is also forced to outsmart his adversaries on a regular basis, and Neeson excels in this role.

Batman Begins (2005)

As Bruce Wayne’s mentor and the franchises’ first significant antagonist, Neeson plays a more aggressive but never one-dimensional figure. His Ra’s al Ghul is certainly one of Batman’s finest on-screen foes. His reasons are comprehensible, if misguided. These deep layers are common in filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s vast career, but they are uncommon in superhero films.

Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace (1999)

Neeson’s seriousness is an excellent match for Qui-Gon Jinn’s demeanour. He is tough but kind, dignified but intelligent. Yet, he is just rebellious enough to fit following consistency and to justify his tenacity in pursuing the prophecy. Ultimately, the vibe of the first instalment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy swings wildly back and forth. The Phantom Menace mixes between silly pranks and Senator Palpatine’s serious plot to destroy the Republic from the inside.

The Grey (2011)

Being one of the greatest blizzard pictures in recent years, it is one of the darker action movies done by Neeson. The Grey takes a novel new angle by setting Neeson against a complete pack of timber wolves rather than a band of bearded mercenaries or a battalion of foreign soldiers.

The Lego Movie (2014)

Neeson’s triple role as Good/Bad Cop, as well as his father Pa Cop, is a joy to watch. His voice shifts easily between his typical seriousness and a funny antithesis. All the colourful humour and inventive adventures culminate in a surprise and heartfelt climax, helping to elevate the underappreciated The Lego Movie to instant classic status. From start to finish, the film is frenetic and can seem overpowering at times, but never in a disappointing way. Identity and freedom are basic themes, but they are masterfully handled in a humorous new meta way.

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