From Bobby, Rudaali to Tenet, a Look at Her Best Performances


Dimple Kapadia had an exciting debut with Bobby when she was only 16 years old (1973). After her wedding the same year to superstar Rajesh Khanna, she left the movie business for a while, but returned 12 years later with Saagar (1985). Recently, she amazed fans with her role in Tenet. Dimple is noted for her beauty and effortless ease in front of the camera. On the occasion of her birthday today, here are some of her best performances over the years:

Saagar (1985)

After a 12-year break, Saagar reintroduced Dimple to the big screen. The plot revolved around a love triangle with Kamal Haasan portraying the man who had admired her from afar since childhood. Rishi Kapoor portrays a wealthy scion who finds himself to have fallen in love with her as she did with him at first glimpse. Dimple was a joy to behold, and she looked as gorgeous. Her much-awaited return was considered to be perfect by her fans as they saw her again in Saagar, and later in more great films.

Rudaali (1993)

Shanichari, played by Dimple, was born on an unlucky date, and misfortune seemed to have accompanied her all her life. Her mother fled away, her husband died of a disease, and her son Budhua is a lazy slouch. The only individual who treats her well is the village thakur’s son, Lakshaman Singh. One day, she encounters Bhikni, a local rudaali (women hired to mourn on funerals), and they both connect over their life tales.

Bobby (1973)

The plot revolves around Raj, the son of a wealthy tycoon (Pran), and Bobby, portrayed by Dimple, the daughter of a fisherman (Prem Nath). They fall in love at first sight but his father disapproves, believing Bobby and her dad are seeking his fortune. The two youngsters decide to flee. Laxmikant-Pyarelal had a musical hit with the movie, and tracks like ‘hum tum ek kamre mein band ho’, ‘main shayar to nahi’, and ‘mujhe kuch kehna hai’ are still widely popular.

Findling Fanny (2014)

With this road movie set in Goa, Homi Adajania offers an amusing storey about human interactions. Ferdinand ‘Ferdie’ Pinto discovers that the love letter he sent to Stefanie ‘Fanny’ Fernandes never reached her. He wants to visit her last known address to express his genuine feelings to her. But he is too late; Fanny, the much-married woman, has died, and the company sadly attends her burial. Ferdie, on the other hand, eventually finds love in the person of Rosie, portrayed by Dimple. In the film, she presented an odd yet endearing character who was well-liked by both fans and reviewers.

Tenet (2020)

The Christopher Nolan movie, Tenet has gotten much praise from its audience and so has Dimple, who portrayed the role of Priyal. Nolan himself said that Dimple’s charisma and performance was what he needed for the character of Priya.

Dil Chahta He (2001)

The plot centres on three characters, one of them is Sid, who meets Tara (Dimple Kapadia), an older woman who has shifted into a residence at the end of the street. Sid is drawn to her as she understands his nature totally via his artwork. Though Tara dies of liver cirrhosis, rendering Sid heartbroken, she in her closing moments, encourages him to be happy. It was a brief, lovely, and life-changing relationship for Akash, and it helped him truly understand himself. Dimple’s role in the film was emotional, yet it also brought joy to all who saw it.

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