10 Iconic Bollywood Dialogues That Celebrate The Patriarch in Hindi Movies


From Amitabh Bachchan to Varun Dhawan, every Bollywood star has played a father onscreen at least once in his career. That is the power of ‘baap’ in Bollywood. No matter how villainous they may act, in the end it’s always a ‘pita ka dil’ that the hero must win to get the lady love. Protecting, loving, caring, stern, avenging, ‘ameer’ , ‘gareeb’, you name it and Bollywood would give you a hit father in every possible category.

On the occasion of Father’s Day today, we bring to you 10 iconic Bollywood dialogues, involving the father in every emotion. Ironically, while compiling the list we found out how little our film makers have given credit to the real ‘role of father’ in films and it’s all about ‘Ma’ in Hindi cinema. Nonetheless here are some quirky and dramatic from, to and by Bollywood fathers.

Bollywood fathers are the soul of every story, whether present physically or not, they are always present either through some dialogue or in the hearts of the protagonists. Here’s wishing all the fathers a very happy father’s day.

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