8 Yoga Asanas That Help Boost Immunity and Relieve Stress Amid COVID-19


With Covid-19 restrictions, when we are confined to our homes, with no access to gyms or swimming pools or any forms of outdoor activities, the best way to ensure an effective, healthy lifestyle is certainly Yoga. This ancient scientific practice is a proven, time-tested method to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Not only does yoga relax us, it also has the ability to bring about stimulation in organs, open up lungs, improve white blood cells production, thereby, boost immunity, and improve your overall wellness.

On Yoga Day 2021, we have compiled few simple asanas for you that will help in boosting immunity and relieving stress and keep the cold, flu at bay:

Dandayamana dhanurasana

Also known as standing bow or pulling pose, it strengthens cardiovascular system, abdominal walls, opens diaphragm, reduces stress, and balances the overall ‘doshas’ in the body; a great way to enhance immunity.

Setu Bandhasana/Bridge pose

This asana relieves back stress, fatigue, anxiety; opens the thymus in the chest which is responsible for the production of T-cells that fights infection.

Utrasana/camel pose

It enhances chest, lung capacity, makes room for oxygen supply, improves posture, and hence crucial for immunity.

Balasana/child pose

A wonderful asana for breath relaxation, it increases immunity, aids in digestion, improves spine flexibility, reduces high blood pressure, and lower back pain.

Shalabhasana/locust pose

It increases blood circulation in rectal muscles, intestines, boosts digestion and immunity.

Bhastrika pranayama

It generates heat in the diaphragm, drains phlegm, oxygenates blood, increases the vitality of all the organs, tissues and energizes the body, and in the process, boosts Immunity.

Seated spinal twist

Usually incorporated towards the end of yoga sequence, this asana boosts digestive system, enhances blood and oxygen supply to the spine, skeletal muscular system, vital organs like kidney, liver. It massages internal organs, prevents obesity, and soothes nervous system and strengthens immunity. For its excellent and invigorating effects, it is also known as a detoxifying or restorative pose.

Supta matsyendrasana

Supine spinal twist is another variation of this asana that tranquils the mind, enhances digestion, opens stiff shoulders.

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