Anupam Kher pens emotional post after ‘Kashmir Files’ line producer Sarahna dies due to suicide


Anupam Kher pens emotional post after 'Kashmir Files' line producer Sarahna dies due to suicide

Anupam Kher pens emotional post after ‘Kashmir Files’ line producer Sarahna dies due to suicide

Veteran actor Anupam Kher took to social media on Friday evening to explain why he shuts the world out at times. “Please don’t try to fix me. Please understand that like everybody else I too just get sad sometimes. So sometimes I shut the world out and when I feel better I will let it back in!” Kher posted on Instagram.

The actor’s post on sadness comes a day after he spoke about the shocking and alleged suicide of a young line producer of his upcoming film “The Kashmir Files”. Kher had shared the news of the suicide of Sarahna on Thursday. The actor received the news from her mother, who says Sarahna was battling depression.

“This is #Sarahna. She was the line producer of #KashmirFiles when I was shooting for the film at Dehradun & Mussoorie. The unit celebrated her birthday on Dec 22nd last year at the location. After the shoot she went to her hometown in Aligarh because of the lockdown. She was bright, brilliant, helpful and excellent at her job. She messaged me on my mother’s birthday to wish mom from her side. I called her and spoke to her and passed mom’s blessings to her.

She sounded absolutely fine. And today I got a message (4th pic) from her phone which really shook me and saddened me deeply. Spoke to her shattered mother. This depression really is effecting the younger generation drastically. I pray for her soul and hope her mother and brother #Antriksh can deal with this loss. It is so sad!! #OmShanti @the_soulflower #MentalHealthMatters,” Kher posted late on Thursday.

He also posted a photograph of the deceased, a video of her birthday celebration on the sets of the film and a screenshot of a text message that reads: “Sarahna has passed away on 30th June. She hanged herself.”

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